Ageing Gracefully: Feel young and vibrant beyond your age

Many of us spend our younger years desparate to grow up, get older and be more independent. To drive a car, go to clubs and all the other things that come with being a young adult. But, at a certain time in our life we realise that we are no longer so keen to add another year onto our number at each birthday, some of us even start to reverse our age or keep it stagnant.

When younger and asked how old we are,  we love to tell people …….. then as we get older we avoid the question. Is this true for you??

Hidden gold in ageing

Why is that?
Is age related to our ability to do our job or not, to reach our goals, to add value to relationships and our society? Do we not get taken seriously for our skills and our ability to adapt to changing work environments?
We develop our years of experience on the job, then are we regarded as not as efficient and effective?
All this accumulated work and life experience is questioned as we grow older in years, many don’t realise the hidden gold in ageing.

Deep sense of value 

So if we are to rely so much externally on our sense of value and self worth, it can be easily eroded by the changing nature of our society and it’s expectations. We need to search within for our deep sense of value as we age. 

So to age gracefully is to recognise our hidden talents and to have the foresight to accept the natural and changing process of our bodies, and to see the positives about growing older.  We can all live a healthy, vibrant, satisfying life, let’s make some changes now to bring about positive results.

How to age gracefully

  • Perspective: “If I can change my perspective then I can change my world, my inner and outer world.”  This is the phrase I created that I say to myself. Stand up, stand firm with your direction.
  • Commit to change: If I keep waiting for others to change then where is my journey in the process? First I must change, then I realise it doesn’t matter if others don’t change. Like the naturally changing wildlife around us, repeat and commit yourself.
  • Decide to be “young”: So you’ve realised you don’t have to “act your age” anymore, you can be as young and vibrant or as old and dreary as you like. It’s completely up to you and how you want to live your life. 

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