BeBliss Changes: accepting & seizing impermanence

Our bodies, our cells, brain cells, hair, nails, and organs are renewing, dying, transforming, constantly. Our skin renews every 2-4 weeks, even our heart 3-4 times in our lifetime.

And so the time has also come for Gabrielle’s much loved BeBliss Yoga studio, BeBliss Village of friends (sangha) to change and transform.
We are all constantly transforming and so is everything around us. It’s a law of nature, of impermanence  …… Everything changes, its inevitable, even if often very difficult.

So within, so as out

If I can accept that within me I replicate my external environment, then I can understand more deeply that I too am changing. And that that, is OK.

As I look out into my garden each day, I see the transformation daily – a leaf, a flower, the sun, the wind, a small animal etc grows/appears and then at some stage dies/goes away.
In between these two is change.  Externally, beyond me and into the wider world, change is constantly happening. We must accept this.

As I sit with “the now” I see the resistance or obstacles (kleshas) to change that I create stand in my path, and that I must continue to have an awareness/attitude of abundance. That all needs will be satisfied in the right time.

Buddha Wisdom

One of the key principles shared by the Buddha is that nothing is permanent, that everything changes and our attachment causes us suffering. Explained in the Three Universal Truths below:

1. Everything is impermanent and changing
2. Impermanence leads to suffering, making life imperfect
3. The self is not personal and unchanging.

Life Work or Dharma 

So rather than struggle against it, how about we move with the flow of life?  Have you considered how important your work is to others around you? What is your dhama or duty, your calling in life?

As BeBliss marks it’s 10th year of offering Yoga & Meditation I feel blessed to have been given the opportunity try to connect with all of you and fulfill my dharma to teach and learn whilst doing so.

Change – accepting & seizing impermanence

So it appears that I am at yet another turning point in my life. That the universe is providing me with the opportunity to transition, transform and deepen my spiritual journey. Sooooo grateful.
Change also means Letting Go to “create space”. Create space for what? and when? is unknown and difficult to do! Why give up something that works well and brings so much personal and career satisfaction? Risk is inherent.

Changing our lives and creating space for new opportunities and to develop new positive habits.

Letting Go of Sale Studio

Hubby and I have made the decision to let go of our much loved BeBliss Yoga studio, BeBliss Village of friends (sangha), home and 5 acres located in Sale, Australia to move to Byron Bay NSW. I have valued your friendship, loyalty and love over these past ten years with BeBliss through Yoga, Meditation, Wholistic Coaching, as well as Corporate and Business workshops & events etc.
What a joy it has been to be a part of thousands of people’s lives!!!    Thank you.

With love & respect, bebliss   Gabrielle  xxxx

What’s Next for Gabrielle?

Starting January 2019, my deeper study of Meditation continues through the 2-year  Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training Certificate  out of the USA.  I will continue my Dharma/life work of sharing Yoga & Meditation throughout the world at Workshops and Retreats. My Online Yoga & Meditation: Gabrielle@BeBliss will continue to offer you 24/7 support and I will continue to maintain my strong Yoga/Meditation/Wholistic Coaching connections in Gippsland, through regular visits. Email me to find out my next visit dates.

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