Health & Wellbeing Program

Happy & Healthy Workers

With 1/3 of their day spent at work, it makes sense to support positive behaviours to create and maintain Happy & Healthy workers making for a more productive business and happier society.

International Experience

Gabrielle has delivered Health & Wellbeing, Teamwork as well as employee Loyalty programs with JP Morgan, Nestle, UG- Kaefer, ESSO, BT Financial Group, Federation University, DPI Maffra, DMG Financial, ADI, Ito-En, LCHS, and Toyota in Australia and Japan. Gabrielle's Bachelor of Business Degree (Swinburne Uni) along with her Life Coaching background make her an ideal fit to support your business.

Tailored Programs

Gabrielle has experience working with a diverse group of individuals and companies to create tailored Health & Wellbeing packages. She can cater for all ages & abilities, respecting all cultures and backgrounds, to promote positive change in your workforce.

Corporate sessions with Gabrielle

Creating a more Healthy and Happy workforce

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Your Business Health & Wellbeing Coach

Improved culture & productivity

DMG Financial, team development Session Feedback:

“I was a little worried about how the team would take to the morning session. Based on the involvement on the day and the feedback that I have received since I had no reason to worry. Personally, I got so much out of it and many aspects that I will take away and utilise everyday going forward. Can’t ask for much more than that.” MJ

Business Health & Wellbeing

Using Modern-Day tools and strategies to create healthier, happier and more harmonious individuals and businesses is my passion and life work. I love what I do each day and am proud of how I live my life.
Simply put: I practice what I preach:  “C.A.R.E.” – (connection, awareness, reflection & expansion) my personal philosophy. Knowing this gives me the passion and commitment to want to share this with others to help them reach their full potential.

Businesses engage me to enhance their “soft skills” and create tailored and creative solutions, as research studies reinforce the positive impact of mindfulness, meditation, a culture of happiness & teamwork, yoga, laughing yoga and beyond.
At UGL Kaefer there was an overall 70% improvement in health & wellbeing from the “Stretching & Mindfulness” program I implemented with them, last quarter 2016.

A business’s greatest asset is their staff. If the staff are happy the customers are happier and so is the business’s profitability.
Individuals want a work-life balance and they want to feel their job adds value to their life – know it’s purposeful. I coach businesses to enable their staff to achieve this.
I also work with individuals, creating tailored programs for them also.

Businesses engage me as a soft skills Health & Wellbeing Coach to implement modern day, creative and unique tips and tools using my “CARE” Philosophy:
Connection – improve team cohesion, unity and culture
Awareness – mindfulness of how we interact with others and “focus” to get the job done productively
Reflection – observe how best to perform a task and be a part of a team
Expansion – a willingness to learn, grow and be the best version of oneself.

Proven results as a Health & Wellbeing Business Coach

I have been inspiring individuals and businesses continuously for over 20 years to develop their soft skills – to improve happiness and culture and help them live their best life.
I use modern tools and strategies that have been proven from ancient wisdom to creating happier and healthier individuals and organisations using Mindfulness, Yoga, Meditation, Relaxation, Breathing techniques, laughing …. amongst others!.

Sounds like I can help you?
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Businesses are more than ever conscious of how to improve their employees satisfaction, knowing that they are a major factor in the business’s success as well as a large resource and expense to their business.

Culture & Engagement

From Carers, to business employees to sporting groups, Gabrielle’s Health & Wellbeing programs contribute to improved individual satisfaction, through greater team cohesion, engagement, sense of belonging and greater ability to personally deal with stress at work and in their lives.

  • Stress management & coping skills
  • Culture & team building activities
  • Yoga, Stretching & Physical Movement
  • Relaxation of the mind and body
  • Meditation & Mindfulness
  • Techniques to maintain work-life balance & harmony
  • Laughter Yoga

Together let’s create your Tailored Health & Wellbeing Program

  1. Understand your objectives as a business and desired outcomes
  2. Understand the employees current needs and goals for change
  3. Make a cohesive accessible, inclusive, measurable & realistic plan with agreement by the employer and employees
  4. Together set simple, achievable realistic goals and finalise the Health & Wellbeing Program
  5. Implement the Program with ongoing support, education, monitoring and feedback
  6. Measure the Program’s effectiveness
  7. Implement a plan for ongoing business health & wellbeing and a strong engaged culture.

Gabrielle offers Laughing Yoga combined with Yogic Breathing techniques, stretching, stimulated laughter exercises and child-like playfulness, is a perfect way to:

  • decrease Stress Hormones & lowers Blood Pressure
  • triggers release of Endorphins (natural painkillers), alleviates Depression & improves Sleep
  • boosts Immune function & improves overall Well-Being, effective Cardiac workout & improves Circulation

Laughter combined with yoga, is a great way to relax and smile after a tougher day or week with the added benefits of making you feel better.

DMG Financial, team development Morning Session June 2017, feedback with Gabrielle:

“I really enjoyed the day. Gab put a great deal of effort into her presentation and I feel that this session flowed really well. Some great tools for the toolbox were gathered.” Chuck.

“I was impressed with the level of participation regarding the morning session. Gab had a good knack of making uncomfortable situations compelling.” AG

“The morning with Gab was great and from a Health and Wellbeing point of view, it was amazing. The personality type focus really made sense of why people do the things they do and was a change to thinking that certain tendencies were character flaws.”

“I really enjoyed this day. I thought Gab’s session in the morning was terrific and it was great that all DMG team members got on board with the yoga (both stretching and laughing).”

“Absolutely loved the morning sessions with Gab. The yoga was a great activity and was so good to see so much of the team involved and giving it a go even though it was probably out of their comfort zones. The part on our personality types was also very useful – I learnt a lot about myself personally and the team.”



DMG Financial, Health & Wellbeing Sessions Oct 2017, Practice Manager & Human Resources feedback:


Obesity costs $6.4bn

Health Crisis

Australian society’s health and overall well being is at risk with poor lifestyle choices & habits becoming entrenched into daily life and the ill effect is flowing onto our Australian businesses.

Gabrielle at BeBliss is currently working with businesses to develop tailored Health & Wellbeing Programs to counter this Health Crisis.

  • Obesity costs Australian businesses $6.4billion in lost productivity
  • 1/3 Victorian workers drink alcohol at risky levels
  • Sick Leave costs employers $2,861/employee each year
  • 93% Victorian workers don’t eat enough fruit & vegetables
  • Predicted that in 2025, 80% Australians will be obese
  • $14.81 billion cost of Work place stress in Australia
  • $10.11 bn cost of  stress related absenteeism from Work in Australia
  • trend is towards 30% increase in food, whilst 50% decrease in activity.
  • Presenteeism costs 4 times the cost of absenteeism
  • $28bn/year cost of Absenteeism

Chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Deression, Arthritis are preventable disease caused from alcohol, smoking, inactivity, obesity.

Healthy Workers are 2 times more productive than unhealthy workers

20% of people hospitalised for a heart attack suffer from depression and new research shows that laughter may be an effective medicine against heart disease.

Researchers in the US found a direct link between mental stress and dangerous narrowing of blood vessels: when volunteers were exposed to scenes from a violent war film, blood flow decreased by 35%, but when they watched a clip from a funny film, blood flow increased by 22%.
Janine Israel, Alive Australia Autumn 2012.

Business Client Testimonials:

“I really liked learning about everyone’s personalities and what each category actually means. Physically splitting the team on opposite sides of the room was a great way to look around at the people you work closely with. I am fortunate to already be aware of some of the stress relieving and yoga techniques but it was good to see the whole team giving it a good try. …. I’d like to keep a balance of focus on soft skills and personal development/health & wellbeing techniques along with technical skills in future. ” AJ

“I thought the whole day was great. I really enjoyed the techniques Gab taught us and I really enjoyed working through everyone’s characteristics. This has really helped me to understand how to deal/communicate with different people in the firm. It also showed me who I am and I now understand I can say some blunt things. …I really enjoy the soft skills training though.” JH

“I found that the morning session was a good way to get all team members on a level playing field and actually focusing on ourselves as individuals and giving permission to take care of ourselves. Found the character analysis very interesting especially giving understanding to others in the different groups that don’t think the same way as our own group. Not too keen on the laughing yoga but found it to be a great session.”

“Enjoyed the morning session with Gab, was really good and learnt a lot. Learning about the personality types was so interesting.”

“Thought it was fantastic! I think it should have been compulsory though.”

“The morning session was fantastic. There are things that I am using. Also understanding the different personality types and seeing examples helps me understand my colleagues better.”

“the morning session with Gab was fantastic. I particularly enjoyed the part where we analysed the different personality types.”