Creating ease within your body- part 2 of 2

Following on from last Month….

Time for reflection

But ultimately these are just stepping stones to understanding ourselves a little more. If we can take the time for quiet reflection, and observation then we can truly start to understand more about creating ease within our bodies, doing what feels authentic and right.  What feels in line with whom we are and not what we have been told or have learned to do in order to receive a desired result.  What makes us feel in flow, to feel the connection with one’s mind, body and spirit to be all in compete harmony?

How can we do that? How can we create those opportunities for quiet time and reflection, for internal observation? A great way to do that is through daily meditation and mindfulness. Enabling us to begin to understand ourselves in a very deep way. Understanding our uniqueness, not only what we love to do and are passionate about, but what is our calling.

The gift of Meditation

So by taking the time each day to sit with ourselves, at first our mind, our body may resist and possibly sabotage this time, as we question that time for ourselves. Thinking things like: “I have no time for this, I have other things more important to do” “I’m too busy”, or maybe “I don’t deserve this time for myself I am unworthy”,  “How can I be seen to be taking this time for myself when I have so many things to do”.
But if we do take this opportunity to be with ourselves it is an incredible opportunity to awaken within us, what our heart truly desires. Not from a material point of view, but what is our true calling, what creates a beautiful sense of ease and flow within our body. This ease, peace and love that begins to flow through us can then flow out to others.

Start simply

So let’s take a few minutes each day to observe our breathe, to observe the body, to observe ourselves in the moment, letting us come back to that unique, creative, loving human being, that awakened human being that we are ultimately desiring, knowingly or not.

Starting out with 2 minutes or 5 minutes each day, grabbing it wherever we can, creating the daily habit and slowly building up the length of time to 10-15 minutes each time, and gradually more.

Take the time today and tomorrow to sit quietly and begin to create greater ease and a greater sense of balance and harmony within your mind, body and spirit.

BeBliss, Gabrielle  x

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