Creating ease within your body – part 1 of 2

Throughout out lives we are performing various roles, (child, parent, employee, manager, friend etc.) and to create greater ease and harmony within our own bodies we need to go deeper into our true self. To discover if are being true to ourselves in these roles and daily choices, we need to delve deeper into what a sense of ease truly looks like and how to maintain it.

The roles we play

By first understanding that we are shaped by many things including our environment, our role models and their belief system as well as our way of thinking and behaving. Once we recognise this we can begin to develop our own belief system, our own experience of things for ourselves and make the conscious choices as they present to us.

However sometimes we continue to perform the roles and try to live up to the expectation of others, not knowing what is our true nature. Not knowing what is intrinsically important to us, what flows with our deepest being.
So how do we actually find ease within our body?
How do we begin to understand ourselves more deeply?

How can we enable ourselves to answer questions like: What is my true nature and my true calling?

Tools – Psychological types

There are several tools available to delve deeper into what is one’s psychological type that can help to understand how we can better move through our day with ease. Online assessment tools such as Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Wealth Dynamics and DISC, provide useful information and analysis about:

Where do you get your energy from?
How do you take in and deliver information?
How do you make decisions?
How do you approach and complete tasks?

This knowledge can shape the way we interact with others and ourselves, such as choices in career, lifestyle, social activities etc.  How we connect with ourselves and connect with others create opportunities to discover a little bit more about ourselves. We all have to work out what resonates and creates a sense of ease within us.

An awakening

I personally found doing the psychological type assessments an awakening for me. It helped me realise that it was ok to be more in tune with my true nature, and that by not doing so was actually limiting me.  My desire to connect with and joyfully stand before audiences to share my knowledge and my thoughts, I initially thought conflicted with the simple and humble career and life style that I had chosen with Yoga and Meditation.  But for me, it is a truly amazing feeling of being in my flow as I stand humbly before others to coach and teach.  Once I recognised and celebrated it, more opportunities flowed my way.

read more in June – part 2

BeBliss, Gabrielle  x

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