Joining of my hand (Blessing Way string) with Mum, Dad & new Baby

Birthing & Doula Support

Birthing Preparation :: Physical, Emotional & Mental

Gabrielle supports Mums, their husbands/partners to prepare for their Baby’s birth over a 2-5 Coaching sessions, tailored to your needs. She can support you from pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, labour and after the birth.

Depending on your needs and where you are at physically and mentally with all aspects of preparing for the birth, we determine what the next step is.

If you need more physical support we work on Yoga poses for opening, strengthening & relaxing your body and baby, Rebozo techniques, pregnancy Massage etc.

If it’s more emotional support we look at processing any past births, fears or concerns you may have about yourself and the birth. We can look at breathing, pain management support, relaxation techniques, meditationvisualisations & affirmations, HynoBirthing support, Water therapy at the pool. etc.

Gabrielle supports families in the Byron Bay hinterland, and is also available for skype sessions.

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Sacred Journey

Being asked to support a Mum during this very special time is a real honour and privilege. I treat the Mum, her partner and other support people that she chooses to be with her, with the same respect. I foster and encourage the relationship with the Mum, her baby and the father/partner (if he/she is chosen to be present by the Mum), as this is very important to me and to achieve your desired birth.

I am not there to take over, but rather work with you for your desired outcome. I won’t advise you what to do and do not conduct any medical procedures or examinations. I offer comfort & relaxation suggestions and provide emotional support throughout for your choices, knowing that you ultimately know what is best for your body and baby.

I support your choice of birth and act as your Doula for first time Mums or subsequent births for: 
Vaginal births, Cesarean, Vaginal Birth after Cesarean (VBAC), Multiple births, Breech birth, 
on land or Water Births.

What is a Doula?

Doula is a greek word meaning servant to the birthing Mum, the modern day meaning is a support person.
A Doula provides education and support to the birthing Mother & her partner (family also if required) during pregnancy, throughout labour and after the birth.

The Presence of a Doula*:

  • reduces overall Cesarean rate by roughly 45%
  • reduces Length of labour by 25%
  • reduces Oxytocin use by 50%
  • reduces Pain Medication by 31%
  • reduces need for Forceps 34%
  • reduces requests for Epidurals 10-60%

Taken from: The Doula Book, 2nd Edition, M. Klaus, J. Kennell & P. Klaus. pg 97-98. Meta-analysis from 10 randomised trials of continuous Doula support.



I am available to come to your house if you need me in the early stages of labour. I am at the birth and am with you throughout the process as your emotional support person, I don’t get involved in any medical procedures, Im purely there to support and give you 100% of my focus. I work with the Dad and your other support people, we are a team and I enjoy working with the Dad to empower him.

During the birth the support I can offer varies from holding your hand and helping you to focus on your breathing and visualising the beautiful baby your are birthing, to massage, pressure points, Rebozo, HypnoBirthing and suggesting position changes to facilitate the baby’s birthing. My training along with the trust and respect we have built during our time prior to the birth enable me to feel intuitively what needs to be done for you.


I have a Child Birth Educator Diploma with Child Birth International (CBI). I am also a qualified Doula with Celebration of Birth in Byron Bay and with Child Birth International as well as a qualified Post Partum Doula with CBI. I have attended several births to be able to receive these certifications, ranging from first time Mums and Dads through to the birth of successive children. I love to stay in contact with these families.

I am also qualified in pre and post natal Yoga with Bliss Baby Yoga, Byron Bay. I have undertaken further study in Nepal, India and Australia on Ayurveda for Women, fertility, pulse analysis and natural therapies. I have also attended HypnoBirthing classes and understand my role as a support person if Mum chooses this path.

My passion is working with Women and supporting them.

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