Gifts from my Parents: Applying lessons into life

I never fully appreciated some of things my parents taught or role-modeled to me, until many years later. At the time it seemed unnecessary or too detailed, but now these qualities and characteristics have enabled me to transition easily into many different cultures and countries.

My mother’s dress making ability that she took into her daily life, taught me pride in my work and attention to detail, a skill essential when working in the precise country of Japan. My work in Japan went very well, as I too was detail orientated and developing a language ability also required some precision. Presenting yourself and things well, including tying bows for gifts and Kimonos.
In India, I practiced the perfect pleats for Saris and also ensuring modesty was paramount, were concepts my Mother also passed to me, fortunately.

“Always return things the way you received them”, was one of my Father’s phrases, the I remembered most, especially when adjudicating amongst us six siblings. Respect for other’s property and keeping my own things in order when sharing spaces in Japan and India has always made my life and those around me easier.

An ability to connect with a wide range of people, seeing everyone as equal enabled my parents to mix well and invite those in need of a bed into our home, including several Japanese student homestays. This willingness to be inclusive has created an amazing karma and enabled me to travel with ease throughout many countries staying with families in their homes in Nepal, Japan, India, Italy, seeing first hand how people live their lives and enjoying their culture and hospitality.

Our large middle class family shared things, handed things down and never saw waste. As a teenager observing my friends new clothes, this wasn’t always my preference to be tight with our money, but for living successfully and intertwining with families in Nepal and India, this is essential.
I was encouraged to eat lots of different things, well atleast try everything. As I carefully eat every remaining grain of rice and remnants of food from my plate with a chappatti, and delicately eat the carefully presented Japanese food, I am happily reminded of my mother, as this was also her way of paying her respects and being grateful.

Ever so grateful for my first role models who have created a lasting legacy.   bebliss xx

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