Laughing Yoga

Laughing Yoga

Gabrielle is a qualified Laughter Yoga teacher and combined with yoga, it's a great way to relax and smile after a tougher day or week with the added benefits of making you feel better.


Laughing Yoga triggers the release of endorphins which help alleviate depression and improves the overall quality of sleep.

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Gabrielle offers Laughing Yoga sessions for anyone wanting to share a laugh and relax. Sessions run upon your request!

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Laughter combined with Yogic Breathing techniques, stretching, stimulated laughter exercises and child-like playfulness, is a perfect way to:

  • decrease Stress Hormones & lowers Blood Pressure
  • triggers release of Endorphins (natural painkillers), alleviates Depression & improves Sleep
  • boosts Immune function & improves overall Well-Being, effective Cardiac workout & improves Circulation

Laughter is a hearty medicine

20% of people hospitalised for a heart attack suffer from depression and new research shows that laughter may be an effective medicine against heart disease.

Researchers in the US found a direct link between mental stress and dangerous narrowing of blood vessels: when volunteers were exposed to scenes from a violent war film, blood flow decreased by 35%, but when they watched a clip from a funny film, blood flow increased by 22%.
Janine Israel, Alive Australia Autumn 2012.