Life after a Silent Meditation Retreat: How to Ease back into daily life – Part 3/3

Transitioning back into normal life can be a bit bumpy after a Silent Retreat. Here are my Tips to support you…

Long periods of silence, the easy set routine, no daily chores like cooking/cleaning/washing, and time for yourself each day.

Many retreats support this transition with a shared last meal or a sharing circle, where you can re-assimilate back and express with others who have had a shared experience as you. It can be a particularly daunting time for those who don’t have like-minded support in their daily lives, who face making big decisions or creating routines from the retreat that they want to continue. 

Choreless.  Have meals in the freezer ready to go for the first few days of your return. Ask a friend to swing by your place to do a quick run around so you are not overwhelmed when you walk in the door/garden to things being out of their place, or just to have a cuppa and debrief with you.

Take a Day. Let those that are waiting for you at home know that you will need some time to readjust and process your experience. They would have missed you, so make time for them doing something mutually enjoyable – time in nature perhaps.

Continue to Sit. Make a commitment to sit each day, that is realistic and supports your desire to deepen your practice.

Your space. Find a spot in or around your living space where you can go to each day to sit quietly to meditate or be still. Return to your breath and nourish yourself daily. Make it special, with a dedicated chair or cushion, looking out to nature, a vase of flowers or an image that is important to you and your practice.

Eat well. Continue to eat healthy, wholesome and nourishing food to support your raised energy and consciousness.

Positive Habits. Create good habits with eating, sleeping, exercise, social activities and of course your meditation practice and times of silence. Be flexible, but with the right amount of schedule and organisation in your daily routine.

Declutter. Clear away the clutter in your life, including clothes and items that don’t meet your new simple focus. Consider those around you, are they like minded and supportive? 

Be in Nature. Make a commitment to continue to be in nature. Plant some veggies, walk on grass, touch the trees, nurture a cutting, feel the sand between your toes, look up to the sky.

Limit Technology. You did it on retreat, so no reason why you cant find some times each day to be technology free, actually I bet you will desire this time for yourself after your silent retreat experience. Set it up before you forget how magical it was!

Time 4 Yourself. Determine what made a difference for you being on retreat and continue to create that habit daily, weekly. Yes guilt-free time by yourself, doing nothing but breathing or whatever made the difference. You deserve it and others will benefit from your greater sense of calm and clarity. It may mean waking before others in the morning or savouring the last few minutes of the evening for yourself, but you are worth it. Make the effort to give back to yourself. 

Say it on Paper. Jotting down your thoughts can be useful to observe the thoughts that are arising for you and also creating a journal of your ideas allows creativity and your full expression to develop.

Apply the Retreat Tools. You have learnt so much from the retreat, so many tangible & intangible skills & tools to apply to your daily life.
What are they for you?
How can you now bring those learnings into your each day, your family,  friends and work life?

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