Loving your Groundhog Day

You’re right each day is just a repeat of the previous day: get up, get ready, think/worry about something, do something, eat something, connect with something or someone, use technology, be busy, slow down, go to bed.

Mala making above is the simple repetition of making a slip knot, only 108 times!

Give or take a few variations, some days /life can be pretty monotonous!

I never could sit through that 1993 movie with Bill Murray – “Groundhog Day“, …it was just too boring! I’m guessing that was the concept of the film, and I never really understood it’s deeper meaning, not unlike many other people.  Actually the film wasn’t that popular and it was only in 2006 that it was regarded as “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant” to be more recognised. Although today we do commonly use the words “Groundhog Day” to depict repetition – so the movie was obviously ahead of it’s time.

When I think of the things I do the same each day, the small routines that I have purposefully created, there is a sense of satisfaction in achieving these small successes at the start of the day. Make the bed, brush the teeth, wash the face.

I like to start my day with giving thanks, then my yoga, pranayama and meditation practices, which all set me up for another great day, everyday. Checking in on the two jersey cows – Daisy & Bella – is a new task that I have added to my outside yoga and walking on the grass dew morning routine.

Talking about the two girls – on the right – how mundane must their lives be? Their entire Groundhog Day is focused on finding grass! The simplicity of their life!!

For me having an established routine offers me simplicity throughout my day to get tasks done with focused attention. I feel a lot more productive.  It also enables me to have greater capacity to be flexible and not have a full day of groundhog repetition. I can create space (physically, mentally and emotionally) for some additional time for myself to meditate and reflect, even if it is only 5 minutes!

Each day I do the same Yoga & Meditation practice, but I never tire of it. I turn up for it again for it the next day. The content is the same but what makes it different is how my body, my mind and emotions shape the practice. It’s fascinating to watch!

So in reality we may be doing the same tasks at the same time each day, but if we are mindful and having a keen awareness of what we are doing, thinking and feeling it can help us to be more engaged & joyful and feel less like a mundane repetitive activity. Perspective is everything!

3 Suggestions to maximise your Groundhog Day

  1. Try to look at creating good habits and routines to save yourself time and get those simpler, daily jobs done quickly.
  2. See routine as a positive way to be mindful and to keep your life simple and less overwhelming.
  3. Seize opportunities in your daily life to expand and develop yourself with focused attention on the things you love to do.

Do you feel each day is like a Groundhog Day, or can you mindfully move from task and routine?

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