Women's Mindfulness Circle - Byron Bay, Jan & Feb 2020

Join me and like-minded women in a safe and caring space to “Awaken your Potential”. Together on Thursday mornings until 28th February we will explore how Mindfulness & Meditation are a wonderful support as we face transitions and change in our lives. These changes could include career, lifestyle, hormonal (peri & menopause), relationships (empty nest etc) and spiritual changes in our lives.

To help us “Awaken our Potential” we will have opportunities to learn, practice, share and reflect each session.
With the aim to balance and harmonise our mind, body & spirit, incorporating my “CARE Philosophy” : connection, awareness, reflection & expansion.

I plan to tailor the sessions to those participating where I can and topics may include:

* Stress, overwhelm, anxiety & depression
* How to start 2020 mindfully with less stress and more ease!
* 4 heart qualities- loving kindness, compassion appreciative joy, equanimity
* Limiting beliefs & seeing the good
* Mindfulness of body, thoughts, emotions
* Establishing a meditation practice tools & difficulties/obstacles
* Self care – creating positive daily habits
* Working with pain – mental, physical and emotional
* Guided meditation, reflection & quiet time
* Breathing and relaxation

Dates: Thursdays 10 – 11:30am.  9th January to 28th February 2020

Pricing: 4 weeks, $99. Drop-in $30. (Concession available)
Early Bird $90 until 6pm 3rd February.

Location: Temple Byron, in the Yurt  (46 Melaleuca Drive Byron Bay, NSW 2481)

Bookings & Payment:
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Focusing your mind at one point, meditation allows your daily cares to be quietened as you bring yourself to the present moment.

Calming, Mindfulness

Meditation can help you to clear away your thoughts putting you in a state of deep peace from which you won't want to return.

Join Gabrielle McMahon, Mindfulness Meditation & Life Coach

24/7 Support

Face to Face or Online sessions with all the support to get your started and to help you establish a mindfulness routine to serve you in difficult times.

Mindfulness Meditation Workshop - Gippsland

“Creating peace and calm in our everyday – 4 & 5th July 2020”

Learn & develop your mindfulness skills whilst connecting with like-minded people.
Suitable for beginners and advanced mindfulness and meditation peeps.

Choose the sessions that suit you and come to any/all sessions. Each session content will be different but also flow into the next session. A combination of talk, practice and sharing for most sessions. Bookings essential. 

July 2020 Weekend Sessions

Saturday 4th July
Session 1 09:00-10:30am. What is Meditation?
Session 2: 11:00-12:30pm. Tools to support your Meditation practice.
Session 3: 1-2:30pm.  Mindfulness of Breath
Session 4: 3-4:30pm.  Working with Pain + Gentle Yoga.

Sunday 5th July
Session 1 09:00-10:30am.  Mindfulness of Body
Session 2: 11:00-12:30pm. Mindfulness of Emotions
Session 3: 1-2:30pm. Practice of Loving Kindness 
Session 4: 3-4:30pm. Yoga Nidra & Deep Relaxation (guided lying down)

Meditate & Breathe with Gabrielle:
Applying Mindfulness for a Happy & Healthy Life

1, 2 or 3 month Private Course with Gabrielle:

Suitable for those with no previous Meditation experience or for those wanting to go deeper into their practice.
Sessions are tailored to your needs.

Small group sessions available upon request.

Contact Gabrielle for availability & pricing, and let’s get you started!

Meditate with me now!

As an experienced Meditator, I know very well the benefits that a simple daily Meditation practice can bring into your life. From greater mindfulness of thought, word and action, to deeper sense of calm and connection with the Universe.
From 2019, very excitedly, I began my 2-year Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program (MMTCP) with world renowned Buddhist Insight Meditation teachers  Jack Kornfield, PhD, & Tara Brach PhDh.

Discover Meditation, discover yourself.  Feel the Bliss and sense of calm of inner knowing.

Meditation is the practice of focussing the mind at one point, allowing the daily cares to be quietened as you bring yourself to the present moment and a state of mindfulness.

Through the practice of meditation, the connection between the physiology and mind can be experienced. An inner stillness comes to those that can maintain a regular practice, daily practice is recommended.

Private Meditation sessions with Gabrielle

Face to face or Online @ a time to suit you

Book a session now

Gabrielle’s Meditation Experience 

Meditation Training
* Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program – Jan 2019 – Dec 2020 Tara Brach & Jack Kornfield, USA
* Nirmal Yoga & Meditation – 100 hours Advanced Yoga & Philosophy-Australia 2013
* Yoga & Meditation Retreat (BeBliss & Nirmal Yoga)- Kudakujima, Okinawa, Japan 2013, 10 days
* Nirmal Meditation Retreat – Tokyo,  Japan 2006, 3 days
* Yoga & Meditation Retreat (Nirmal Yoga)-Koyasan, Japan 2014, 5 days
* The Essence of Yoga: Asana, Pranayama, Meditation & Buddhism-Thailand 2010, 5 days
* Mindfulness Based Stillness Meditation:Gawler Foundation-Yarra Junction 2011, 4 days
* Buddhist Calm Abiding Meditation Course -Sale Australia, 2012
* India Ashram 21 days – Pune, India Oct 2016
* Insight Meditation – weekend course with Patrick Kearney – Byron Bay August & Sept 2018
* Meditation Teacher Training with Nirmal – (in Japanese) 5 days 40 hours – August 2019
* Insight Meditation – weekend course with Patrick Kearney – Byron Bay October  2019
* Insight Meditation – weekend course with Patrick Kearney – Lismore October 2019

Silent Meditation Courses
* Buddhist Calm Abiding Meditation retreat –4 day Course, Siba, Gippsland, 2010
* Vipassana Goenkaji – 3 x 10 day Courses -Perth & Melbourne Apr & Jul 2015 (2 sits, 1 serve)
* Vipassana Goenkaji – 3 day course – Melbourne  July 2015
* Osho Tapoban – 10 day Course, Kathmandu Nepal Oct 2017
* Insight Meditation – 7 day Retreat – Will James & Radha Nicholson, Byron Bay August 2018
* Insight Meditation – 6 day Retreat – Ellen Davison & Radha Nicholson, Byron Bay August/Sept 2018 (I also taught morning Yoga & Mindfulness)
* Yogananda Self Realization Fellowship  – 4 day course, Los Angeles USA, Feb 2019
* Kadampa Temple New York Centre – 3 day Mandala Retreat, Feb 2019
* Insight Meditation –  6 day Retreat Ellen Davison & Jen, Byron Bay, Mar/April 2019 (I also taught morning Yoga & Mindfulness)
* Insight Meditation –  21 day Retreat, Sayalay Bhadda Manika, Blue Mountains, April 2019
* Insight Meditation – 7 day Retreat – Will James & Radha Nicholson, Byron Bay July 2019 (I also taught morning Yoga & Mindfulness)
* Insight Meditation – 6 day Retreat – Ellen Davison & Radha Nicholson, Byron Bay August/Sept 2019 (I also taught morning Yoga & Mindfulness)

International Meditation Tours
* Mount Kailash Spiritual Tour (BeBliss & Nirmal) – Tibet & Nepal, Sept 2017

Benefits of Meditation

  • Lowers blood pressure/slows down the cardiovascular system
  • Restores balanced function to the digestive system, aiding absorption of nutrients
  • Relaxes the nervous system
  • Relieves muscle tension
  • Diminishes intensity of headaches/migraines
  • Relieves insomnia
  • Frees the mind from self-doubt and internal chatter
  • Releases fear
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Improves depression
  • Generates optimism, self-esteem, confidence and motivation
  • Develop a strong sense in self, leading to a healthy and balanced life
  • Still, clear, calm, and aware- even in difficult times
  • Come to know the true nature of our ordinary mind, feel more harmony and connection with yourself
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Meditation Research

Meditation Yoga“The brain’s programmed to detect negative information faster than positive. It’s also an amazing simulator and constantly makes min-movies of limiting beliefs that are very convincing.”

Dr. Richard Mendus, neurologist & co-author

Meditators used more areas of their brain than non-meditators when coping with sadness…..this may explain the meditators’ ability to restore balance – to tolerate sadness but also recover from it, two hallmarks of mental health. study published in the journal Emotion (2010)

Mindfulness meditation can prevent relapses of depression just as effectively as medication, according to a study published in the Archives of General Psychiatry 2010.

Meditation & Relax Courses Available upon request