Namaste: A loving gesture

In Japan I bowed, In Nepal & India I bring my palms to connect as a show of respect.
A sign of respect to you and to myself for acknowledging the being that presents before me, in all of your perfection. 

Commonly Namaste can mean:  ‘Hello , how are you?  or ‘Welcome, how nice to see you!’.

When I sit in front of you and bring my palms together mindfully and bow my head, I show you that I respect you deeply. That I acknowledge the light of wisdom and compassion within you, that is within all of us and waiting for us all to uncover.

I pay my respects to the unique and creative individual that presents before me. With all your joys and sadnesses, with all your happiness and suffering that creates YOU!
You are like no other. I see that, I want to tell you that I really do deeply SEE that. And to let you know that it is OK to be you.

You are beautiful and perfect. And I love you.

I want to let you know that even though you are unique and like no other, that you are also no different to me, essentially. That I too have my uniqueness that shapes my mental and emotional, my experiential world. That I too have my happiness and suffering. Different but same.

That you are my brother or sister. That our energy is connected. When you hurt I do too, and when you laugh and sing so do I.
There is no separation, and it is a privilege to know that.

Re-unite with your perfect and unique self. Life & Spiritual Coaching with me xx

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