1.       How would you explain to a partner/friend/family member what Wholistic Coaching with Gabrielle is all about?

Gabrielle’s approach is not just about talking – it’s about processing emotion using a number of whole body modes from breathing, singing, dancing, chakra work – whatever works to shift stuck emotions – even one’s we didn’t realise were stuck. At that level it works quickly in shifting your whole health – not just emotional – to a new footing – it and regular yoga-pranayama practice has turn my life around to be on the path to wholeness (with the occasional oasis of bliss) not just not being unwell.


Connecting with a likeminded person, Wholistic Coaching is a deep, sometimes gentle and sometimes not so gentle technique to help me find things that are blocked off from my reality, consciousness.

To discover my real self. The person I meant to be, the good and the not so good, so I can begin to develop a more positive, calm, loving and meaningful life not just for me but for all significant others in my world.


I am going to describe s Coaching session with Gabrielle, from my perspective it is a unique experience.
During a session with Gab, it is you who with her guidance and help finds the answers from within yourself.

Why did i go to see Gabrielle?
I had  a sense of imbalance, alternating energy levels, fatigue, repeated negative thoughts, knew i needed to “slow down” – but how?

I chose Gab as i felt innately she could help me. I like her beliefs, yoga, positive energy, and her training with her Sensei, Nirmal Gyawali.

There is a discussion around my thoughts at the beginning of the session. Gabrielle guides you to focus on your breath, to go within yourself to look for the answer to the question. I look at the space in front of my eyes, my whole head. I listen, look and wait for something to arise. I push my focus deeper down towards my heart, soul and a word comes from ‘somewhere’ –  fear!   ….. Gab guides me gently. It is emotional, I cry! I know it is true.


2. How does Wholistic Coaching with Gabrielle make a difference in your life?

Gabrielle provided me with the means for healing and space for a new approach to how I live my busy and very demanding life, how to sit with myself in this busyness. There are techniques and tools that need to be used to maintain this – it’s not a magic wand – even though initially it can feel like that! These techniques are not difficult to use by the way, especially if you are a regular yoga practitioner.


Wow, this is not an easy question. There are so many parts to it.
I’ve been around for so long and know so many things about so much. I have studied and tested many forms of self-awareness. When I work with Gabrielle I HAVE to use my set aside prayer –
“Holy one, please set aside everything I think I know about myself, everything I think I know about personal growth, everything I think I know about meditation and especially everything I think I know about you, oh Holy One, that I may have a totally new experience in all things.”
Let’s start again……..
For me, I’m seeking the journey from my head to my heart. To really
understand what is important today and stay fully present in each moment with mindfulness. To connect with the beauty and love inside of me so I no longer need to look outside to find myself worth. There I will find so much more, it’s like the ripples on the lake, spreading further and further beyond my greatest expectations. Peace, compassion, understanding and love.
The most extraordinary thing is, it’s there all the time, blocked off by pomp (vanity and ostentatious displays) and calamity (an event causing great and often sudden damage or distress) created by me.
When I practice the wholistic approach to my life – Coaching with
– it connects the dots again, like a reminder.
Mind, body and spirit which allows me to stand in the sunlight once again.
Life is much easier, everyone is perfect again, I have a new pair of spectacles, they are coloured, it’s difficult to find fault, life is very positive, it just flows.
The only thing that has changed is me. My attitude, my perspective, that’s it.


There is an amazing shift of energy, a release like the weight has been lifted, a feeling of peace and quietness.

My sessions with Gabrielle have helped me understand more of my purpose.

I have an awareness of why these negative emotions were present and what they have been related to in my past.

We discuss suggestions/homework to do in my daily life to take me forward from what has been a negative pattern for me.

I am able to forgive myself and others. I am confident, calm and relaxed. I am happy and my body feels lighter and energetic. I have a deeper connection to myself. I love and support myself. I understand to create space between my thoughts to hear “my voice from within” its messages & inspirations. I am grateful – “My Cup is FULL”. I look forward to what is “coming”.

Thankyou Gab, Namaste


Thankyou to my beautiful Life Coaching & Spiritual Coaching clients,
for sharing their experiences above to help you understand how i might be able to help you also xx