Pregnancy Yoga

Preparation for Birth

Doing yoga during pregnancy can help you prepare your mind and body by relaxing and improving blood circulation throughout the body.

Modified Poses

Poses will be modified to accommodate your pregnant state, ensuring that you are always safe.


Gabrielle is a qualified & experienced in pregnancy yoga teacher and has also taken Yoga for fertility courses, so you know you are in good hands! She is also a qualified CBE and Doula, passionate about women's health.

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Fertility & Preparing for Pregnancy

Whether you are preparing for Pregnancy, naturally or through IVF, it can be an exciting but also challenging time for you and your partner.

At class you will be able to participate in all poses, unless you have a medical restriction.  You will focus on preparing your mind and body for pregnancy, by staying relaxed and present, improving blood flow and circulation throughout your body.

In August 2012, Gabrielle has undertaken further training in Yoga for Fertility, helping a growing number of woman in this area.'re Pregnant!

Congratulations….you’re Pregnant!

Your pregnancy is a wonderful time in your life and we promote the deep connection with your baby, both pre and post-natally.

At class you will focus on light stretching of the body including opening the pelvis, hips & chest, strengthening the core, pelvic floor and lower back, as well as subtle parts of the body. The poses will encourage gentle strengthening, relief from body tiredness as well as slow, mindful breathing and deep relaxation.  Enjoy the supportive and loving class atmosphere.

Class Content

At class you will be able to participate in all poses with many of them modified for you, unless you have a medical restriction, whereby you will be given an alternate pose or asked to rest for that pose. You will focus on preparing your mind and body for birthing.

We support your choice in birthing and encourage yoga poses, breathing, meditation, positive affirmations and visualisation to help achieve your desired birthing outcome.
Please note, we cannot guarantee any birth outcomes.

Gabrielle has a sincere interest in Women’s Health and has studied Ayurveda with a specific focus on Women’s Health and Pregnancy. She has also undertaken further training in Pregnancy & Post-natal Yoga, with Ana Davis, Byron Bay, as well as Fertility.

Pregnant new students wanting to attend Gabrielle’s Yoga must have received the Ok to join Yoga from their medical provider, and be safely into Trimester 2.

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