My gift to you, is to help you understand your gift to this world. By bringing the pieces of your unique life puzzle together, I can guide you towards your greatness ::: Spiritually, Emotionally & Mentally. I can guide and support you as your gift to the world unfolds…… with love gabrielle

Awaken your Unique Gifts

Discovering the real you As your personal Life & Meditation Coach, I will guide you to discover your inner, deeper self. I’ll draw upon, my 20 years corporate experience in Australia & Japan, over 12 years running my own Yoga, Meditation and Coaching business (BeBliss), numerous wellbeing trainings along with my very own self discovery and life experiences to support you. My deepest wisdom, compassion and mindfulness comes from countless hours (and continuous days) of silent meditation and self inquiry to help you realise your true, spiritual and beautiful self.  At your pace, I can begin to give you the tools and guidance to go deeper within, to gain a greater understanding of yourself and others. Create for yourself a life of peace, balance, harmony and happiness. Begin to feel your soul potential.  Let go of unnecessary suffering and mental anguish. Come to know your true potential, your inner love, compassion & beauty within.       Begin to live your life with awareness.     Live mindfully.      Live blissfully.

Life & Mindfulness Meditation Coaching with Gabrielle

Simplify & Refocus your life again

$4202-4 hours over 2 sessions
  • Get Un-stuckk Quickly
  • 2 x coaching sessions (Initial & follow-up max. 4 hours)
  • Ready to make simple yet effective changes?
  • Let's see what we uncover over 2-4 hours together
  • Get refocused & empowered to live your best life
  • Don't wait....Now is the right time
  • New &/or Returning clients most welcome
  • Face to Face or Online



Stuck Right Now? Looking for Guidance and support to move forward? Perfect for New Clients or Returning Clients: Up to 4 hours of Coaching over 2 sessions with me.

1. Book your Sessions here.  Let me help you quickly get back on track and living to your full potential with my support and accountability. I’ve got you !!  The sessions are 1-2 weeks apart, allowing for followup and for me to support you to implement the suggested “homework!”.

2. Pay in Advance of your sessions. Payments by bank transfer or PayPal (outside Australia) are required 3 days in advance of your session. Minimum 50% deposit of $420 is also OK.

Awaken Your Human Potential

1, 2, 6 or 12 month Packages
  • Tailored & Unlimited Support Packages
  • Be 1 of only a handful of my exclusive Unlimited clients
  • Create a more authentic, healthy and harmonious life
  • Let go of thoughts and emotions to feel greater ease & peace
  • Dive into ``Who am I ? ``
  • Discover ``What's the purpose of your life ``
  • Use my CARE (connection, awareness, reflection & expansion) Philosophy to awaken
  • Learn tools & tips to practice when overwhelmed
  • Raise-up & live more consciously & aware
  • Learn & deepen your Mindfulness & Meditation practice
  • Discover deep happiness & bliss within
  • Live your life to your values and purpose
  • Email, Text, Telephone support as you need it
  • Sessions: 2/month Face to Face or Online
  • Connect with me & let's create your Tailored Coaching Plan



Testimonials & Praise

Unlimited Coaching & Support Package

Find out how I can help you, to be your best & live your ideal life

Book a free 15 minute taster Session

Unlimited Support Packages

Live with greater Ease & Wellbeing

1 month
  • Live with greater Ease & Wellbeing
  • 3 x coaching sessions
  • Discover your Inner Harmony
  • unlimited accountability and support
  • Face to Face or Online
  • On-line Yoga, Meditate & Relax 24/7


Understand your life purpose

2 months
  • Understand your life purpose
  • 5 x coaching sessions
  • Live the Life you want
  • unlimited accountability and support
  • Face to Face or Online
  • On-line Yoga, Meditate & Relax 24/7


Trust your intuition & wisdom

6 - 12 months
  • Trust your intuition & wisdom
  • 7 Plus coaching sessions
  • Realise deep and powerful changes
  • unlimited accountability and support
  • Face:Face or Online
  • On-line Yoga, Meditate & Relax 24/7


Unlimited Support Packages

Find out how I can help you, to be your best & live your ideal life

Book a free 15 minute taster Session

Imagine having someone that can support, understand and also guide you to begin to align with your life purpose? I can help & guide you in 3 simple steps:  

1. Discovery call: Ready to start living Your ideal life, but not sure where and how to begin?  
Contact me to set up a FREE 15 minute chat to see if we’re a good fit, and how I can help you achieve your goals:   
0418-576-075 (Australia +61)     or        email:

2. Let’s go! Choose the Package above 1,2, 6 0r 12 months, that’s right for you.       All include:

  • Fortnightly in-person or ZOOM/Skype sessions (Initial 1.5 hour discovery session then subsequent 1-hour approx sessions over relevant time period)
  • On-going support and accountability (tough, but good love!)
  • Unlimited free 24/7 access to a selection of my Yoga, Meditation & Relaxation recordings, perfect after-hours support
  • A personalised audio recording you can listen to each day, created by me, just for you
  • Follow-up emails and homework
  • Realise change simply and easily

3. Secure your Unlimited Package: A deposit is required to secure your exclusive place with me minimum 3 days in advance of your first session. Ongoing monthly in advance instalments available.

  • Bank Transfer details here
  • Credit card via PayPal.

Let’s awaken your full potential!    


How can I help You?

You are totally unique You are like no-one else on this earth. So, with patience & understanding, the two of us will take time to look at your unique situation, including your current physical, mental and emotional well-being. We will consider your “whole person” including your concerns, your goals and your priorities. Then, following the concept of simple, harmonious and natural living, I will create for you an achievable and personalised well-being program, to get you to where you want to be. I guarantee you will be able to implement your new tools and strategies immediately and easily!  xx

Tailor-made Program I will personally tailor-make your Life & Mindfulness Meditation Coaching program to suit your needs and desires. This could include:

  • Discover Mindfulness & Meditation techniques that work for you
  • Discover how CARE – connection, awareness, reflection & expansion can change you life
  • Spiritual deepening & awakening
  • Improve your relationships 
  • Working with limiting & unhelpful thoughts & beliefs using tools such as “The Work” by Byron Katie
  • Identifying your core values, purpose and current mindset
  • Self Inquiry using techniques like RAIN to deepen your self awareness
  • Developing deep & compassionate listening & communication using NVC
  • Nourishing yourself through simple daily practices
  • Re-aligning your priorities based on where you feel stuck and where you want to soar to!
  • Understand how Yoga and Buddhist Philosophy can support your life
  • Yoga poses & Stretch Therapy
  • Pranayama Breathing techniques
  • Discover the power of Loving Kindness & Compassion practices
  • Diet & Lifestyle suggestions to suit your mind, body & emotions using Ayurvedic principles
  • Relaxation techniques including Savasana, Yoga Nidra
  • Revising what’s important to you, setting goals
  • Understanding your Personality using MBTI & Buddhist teachings
  • Understand how you feel loved and how you give love easily
  • Energy work using Chakra balancing & breath
  • Recognise hidden patterns and triggers using Soul line therapy
  • Supporting you for your upcoming birth experience
  • Essential oils – creating a unique blend to support you


Coaching with Gabrielle


Imagine having a coach who knows you inside out. Who can instinctively tell what you need without you even knowing. Someone who can create a program especially for you and your needs. With my tailored, integrated approach, I get to know the real you and pick only the most relevant and helpful techniques from my tool kit. There is no ‘set package’ that I roll out time and again. Guiding and supporting you in your journey, I give you easy to achieve but effective suggestions, to help you reach your goals.

Stay on Track

Imagine having 100% unwavering support. A bit like a best friend but with more time for you and perhaps sometimes tougher love. With my Wholistic coaching, I am there for you, as much or as little support as you need. With regular catch-up sessions and between-session contact via email, I can adjust your program and help you stay on track to achieving your ideal life. In-person, via telephone or Skype, your choice – whatever is most convenient to you.


Imagine being coached from the comfort of your home, or anywhere in the world for that matter! With my coaching programs I give you the flexibility and confidence to achieve your ideal life in your most ideal surroundings, by connecting either face to face or on-line with me.

I take time to prepare in advance for your session, please understand that late cancellation (within 24 hours of our session) will incur the full session payment. Thank you for respecting my work.

Life-stage specific coaching Some stages of life need that little bit of extra special attention. I can create a specific program for you no matter where you’re at

  • Spiritual development:  Ready to go further and be extended with your meditation and/or yoga practice? Need some more skills and tools to level up?  I can help you with my years of training & experience as a meditator and yoga practitioner.
  • Child Birth education and birthing preparation:  As a child birth educator and Doula/birth assistant, I can help you to prepare physically with specific poses to suit your changing body, as well as emotionally with tailored meditations, relaxations and visualisations to help you feel calm and confident with your upcoming baby’s birth.
  • 50, Fit & Fabulous!:  Finding yourself getting a little more stiff lately and not recovering as quickly? We all think about ageing and how our mobility is decreasing as the years pass. I can create a daily program (only 5 mins if you are busy!) to keep you on track for a happy and healthy life.
  • Ageing well & Exploring death: We all think about our life purpose, and how to live well.  Let’s discuss what that looks like for you and perhaps any fears or concerns that you have about ageing so you can live well now. No regrets!

Start Living Your Ideal Life

Find out how I can help you, to be your best

Book a free 15 minute taster Session

Client Feedback

Gab you Rock

Gabrielle has the most amazing ability to intuitively 'get' you. It's hard to explain the effect of her coaching work has had on me, but I am so more relaxed, positive and inspired because of her. I would highly recommend working with her. Gab you rock!! xx Lauren Davey reviewed Bebliss Yoga, Meditation & Natural Therapies — 5 star December 12, 2016

Balanced & Grounded me

I was so stressed out with my work, a new baby on the way and trying to manage everything. Gabrielle helped me to identify my priorities and strengths to create a personalised program of balancing and grounding Yoga & Meditation techniques, as well helping me create balance into my everyday routine. I now feel fabulous, relaxed and ready to be a mother”. Claire, March 2017

Can't recommend her enough

I came to Gabrielle mentally and physically exhausted. My work with Gabrielle in reconnecting my mind and body in learning yoga and meditation combined with her supportive coaching has given me a new lease of life which has unlocked insight and harmony for me beyond anything I could have imagined or anticipated at the beginning. I cannot recommend her enough!! She truly helps you find a way to discovering, and being, your bliss xxx. Louise Fearick reviewed Bebliss Yoga, Meditation & Natural Therapies — 5 star March 31 2017

Start Living Your Ideal Life

Find out how I can help you, to be your best

Book a free 15 minute taster Session


Clients valued feedback from our sessions:

The people that I love to Coach!

Do you often feel…

  • Different to others around you, feel isolated, left out, the odd one out? Feel separated from something, not complete.
  • You are drawn to spirituality as you see it. Sense that their is a great force, divine/supreme being, something beyond this world.
  • You know you have a gift of some sort, you just know “stuff”, you’re intuitive/gut feeling.
  • Being true to yourself, and living to your core value is of the utmost importance for health & happiness. Integrity.
  • You can understand & feel compassion for others/their emotions, like to help others/do acts kindness. Strangers often tell you their life story!
  • It’s hard for you to be around negativity, violence, or cruelty.
  • You know you are “unique” but feel others don’t see, recognise or respect that.
  • You are the “weird one”/the black sheep in your family, your thinking, interests, dress sense are not “normal” to their standards!
  • People are drawn to your kindness, non-judgemental, open perspectives.
  • You are open to alternate therapies and have a natural ability for healing and caring for others.
  • Feel your energy is easily depleted and are often exhausted with no-time for yourself. You need/desire solitude.
  • Very creative, spontaneous and free spirited, and like to be stimulated by new ideas and plans.
  • A nature lover, you can communicate with the animals, trees etc and they give you energy.

I get you!!