Women’s Mindfulness Circle with Gabrielle

Have you ever envisaged or dreamed of being surrounded by kind and wise women, in a circle of connection and learning?
I have many times over many many years. Sitting in a circle, a sharing and receiving circle of like-minded woman, knowing that we each bring our own unique experiences but that we are all so inter-connected.

And now it’s becoming reality, and you can be a part of it too, sharing and receiving for you to “Awaken your Potential”.

We have so much in common as we face the mid-life transitions of our womanhood with our feminine cycles, our relationships with self, partners and perhaps children leaving home. For many of us changes in our career and working life. Social activities and friends may also shift.
And often it is a time we we begin to ask questions like:
What is my purpose in life?     Who am I?      How can I live a meaningful life?

Personally, I have asked these questions and faced many of these changes in my life and feel incredibly fortunate to have had a practice of Meditation & Mindfulness (and I can’t leave out Yoga!) to support me through and into the future!


Join Gabrielle and other like-minded women in a safe and caring space to “Awaken your Potential”. Together over 4 weeks (Thursday morning sessions, (9th – 30th) January) we will explore how Mindfulness & Meditation are a wonderful support as we face transitions and change in our lives.

To help us “Awaken our Potential” we will have opportunities to learn, practice, share and reflect each session with mindfulness.
Topics may include: self-care, stress & overwhelm, loving kindness, breathing, relaxation, guided meditations, compassion, positive daily habits, mindfulness, establishing a meditation practice, limiting beliefs, pain, and Gabrielle’s CARE Philosophy (connection, awareness, reflection & expansion).

Dates: Thursdays 10 – 11:30am.  9th -30th January 2020

Pricing: 4 weeks, $99. Drop-in $30. (Concession available)

Location: Temple Byron, in the Yurt (46 Melaleuca Drive, Byron Bay, NSW)

Bookings & Payment:
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About Gabrielle
Gabrielle has been teaching Meditation & Mindfulness for over 12 years. She combines the wisdom of Mindfulness Meditation from her teachers Tara Brach & Jack Kornfield (2-year Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program) and Yogic wisdom from Nepalese guru Nirmal Gyawali. (She is 300-hour Yoga Teacher qualified).

Gabrielle’s passion for women’s health as we all move through the various stages of our lives has encouraged her to offer this circle and in particular offering support and possible tools to assist in midlife transitions including peri-menopause, menopause & beyond, career and relationship changes.

Her own Mindfulness Meditation practice among other daily routines, has been a reliable companion moving gracefully (as possible!) through the transitions of a women’s life. Gabrielle has had the opportunity to sit several weeklong silent Meditation retreats including a 21 day Retreat, and has also been honoured to teach morning Yoga on four Insight Meditation silent Retreats over the past year. She says “Although I have faced many difficulties on these silent retreats the personal growth has been life-changing”.

Over the past seven years, she has also supported birthing women first hand, having trained as a Child Birth Educator, Doula, Post-partum Doula and Pregnancy Yoga teacher.

She works with both corporate organisations, individuals and groups in Australia and Japan to help them “Awaken your Potential” both online and face to face.
She writes for the international publication “Namaskar” and in her spare time loves to walk along the beach, cycle around town and potter in her garden.

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Life & Mindfulness Meditation Coach at BeBliss
As a Life & Mindfulness Meditation Coach, I draw from a diverse background of life experiences and skills training. including a corporate life of international marketing, as well as Meditation, Mindfulness, Yoga and Women's Health.I love to Coach like-minded souls to "Awaken to their Potential"and create happy, natural, healthy & harmonious ways of living, to be your best.Share the love… x
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