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Authentic Living

I’m passionate about what I do –  essentially connecting with and helping others where I can and secondly, living a full & authentic, yet simple life!  I’m all about creating a healthier, happier and more harmonious society. I love what I do each day and am proud of how I live my life.
Simply put: I practice what I preach my  “C.A.R.E.” Philosphy, that is connection, awareness, reflection & expansion.  Knowing this at my deepest level gives me the passion and commitment to want to share this with others to help them reach their full potential. I work with individuals, groups & businesses and share my knowledge and intuitive gifts with them.

It’s more than positive thinking, mindfulness, meditation, happiness, yoga, relaxation, breathing and beyond.  It’s living your authentic self.

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Discovering Happiness Within

Whilst living in Japan I discovered Yoga, well it was discovered for me and I was “dragged along” to a class in Azubu Juban, Tokyo, by my good friend Naomi. I thought Yoga was just about breathing and as I already knew how to do that, I wasn’t too sure what else I could get out of a Yoga class. Well that all changed pretty quickly as fell in love with Yoga and I began to notice changes in my way of thinking, how I interacted with others, and my physical appearance- my skin glowed and my eyes became so bright.

My ability to handle a corporate environment in a foreign language was made easier with my regular Yoga practice. I was hooked and wanted to find out more by doing the year-long Teacher Training with Nirmal Raj Gyawali (200 hour Yoga Alliance certified course), in Tokyo Japan whilst working full-time. Nirmal, my Guru

My study and training are on-going, life-long….everyday i try to understand myself and others
through a daily practice of Raja Meditation.

Inspiring Others to be their Best 

Since 2006, I have had the privilege of sharing my knowledge through Teaching and Coaching with many students of all ages and ability, in Australia, Japan, India, Italy, Spain & United Kingdom.  

Upon returning to Australia (from Japan) in 2008, I created BeBliss Yoga & Meditation, as I wanted to share my joy of Yoga and Meditation.  I started out with a Pregnancy Yoga class, in Sale, Victoria. I teach whilst keeping all student/attendees in mind, without pressure and in a safe & relaxing environment.
Over the years I have had many requests for additional support within Australia & Overseas, and I have been pleased to expand my teaching into face-to-face & Online:  Pre & post natal Yoga, Kids Yoga, Corporate Yoga & team building,  Pregnancy & Birth Support and education, as well as Wholistic Coaching : Life Coach & Spiritual Coach using the traditional principles of Ayurveda holistic preventative medicine. I run general and women’s health workshops and retreats, as well as overseas tours to Japan.
Escape to Byron Bay, be Coached and stay the weekend with me. xx

I share my knowledge through teaching, writing and talks. I’m passionate about passing on the knowledge that has been given to me in its purest of forms.

My Path to this point

I have a Business Marketing degree from Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne Australia, with over 20 years practical experience in Domestic & International Marketing, living in Japan for 8 years. I worked on projects located in the UAE, Singapore, UK, France & Italy.

I have trained under Nirmal Raj Gyawali, Yoga & Meditation Master in its purest form, Nirmal lived with his Guru since the age of 8, when he began his Yogic training. I completed a 200 hour Teacher Training (TT) Yoga Alliance certified course, as well as a further 150 hours as an assistant teacher at his TT Yoga course, numerous other Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation courses as well as an additional 100 hours of Yogic Philosophy with Guru Nirmal, based in Tokyo Japan- Nirmal Yoga. Additionally in 2016, I completed 300 hour Yoga Alliance course, firmly establishing my Yoga theory with my daily personal Raja Yoga (Yoga asana, Meditation etc) practice.

Gabrielle@BeBliss is my online site filled with over 80 video & audio sessions on Yoga, Meditation & Relaxation. My private and corporate package clients have full access to these resources, 24/7. Gabrielle@BeBliss Online

Mindfulness Teacher Training with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach

Excitingly, I have been accepted into a 2 year Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training Certification Program (MMTCP) with world renowned Buddhist Insight teachers  Jack Kornfield, PhD, & Tara Brach PhDh.

I’m thrilled to be selected to learn and then teach this ancient Buddhist wisdom, still so relevant and necessary today. All my private Life & Spiritual  Coaching clients will get first and exclusive access to my learnings! My extensive exposure to Meditation & Yoga, my commitment to ongoing professional study & training, as well as my willingness & desire to share with others, has held me in good stead!

Foster Parenting & Women’s Health

My husband and I are proud Foster parents and feel honoured to have the gift of these precious souls in our care. We have cared for 8 month olds through to 16 year olds.

Giving back to our community and sharing our love & knowledge is important to us.

I have a Child Birth Educator Diploma with Child Birth International (CBI). I am also a qualified Doula with Celebration of Birth in Byron Bay and with Child Birth International as well as a qualified Post Partum Doula with CBI. I have attended and supported Mums at several births to be able to receive these certifications, ranging from first time Mums and Dads through to the birth of successive children. I am passionate about bringing souls into the world in a loving, secure and relaxed environment, as we all work towards a more peaceful society.
I am also qualified in Pre and Post Natal Yoga with Bliss Baby Yoga, Byron Bay. I have undertaken further study in Nepal, India and Australia on Ayurveda for Women, fertility, pulse analysis and natural therapies.

I am passionate about Women’s Health and natural living.

Balanced & Harmonious Life

My day starts with my own practice of Yoga, Breathing & Meditation, and a quick swim at the beach! This sets me up for connecting with my Wholoistic Coaching clients either in person or via skype.   I love riding my bicycle around town, deepening my Spiritual/Coaching/Yoga Philosophy study, family time, walking, gardening, and singing.
A simple, relaxed life.  I am passionate about eating well, living well and having a balanced, natural and harmonious lifestyle.

My mantra is: love and compassion to all.

Profits to Charitable Causes – Mental Health Focus

From 2016, with the change in structure of BeBliss in Sale, Gippsland and the gifting of Yoga classes and students to other local teachers my husband Gary and I decided that a significant percentage of BeBliss profits be donated back to charitable causes.

Gippsland Region: I have had a strong focus on supporting locals in the Gippsland, Victoria, Australia, in such areas as Mental Health, Depression awareness & understanding, Suicide Prevention training,  among many other in need areas.

BeBliss has donated to a Better Life For Foster Kids, a Gippsland Australia based charity, we donated money to buy over 100 sets of books to go into Crisis bags for these needy kids. “A Better Life for Foster Kids”, Heather Baird accepts our donation of $2,000 to her Charity in Gippsland (right).

In November 2017, myself and local Psychologist, Deb Smith, ran two FREE Workshop sessions on Depression & Anxiety – with lots of tips and tools to support oneself and others you care for. BeBliss Meditation & Yoga Studio, Sale hosted this event gathering over 20 locals to each session.

In the last quarter of 2018, I volunteered with an Aged Care facility in Sale, offering a weekly program including Yoga, Meditation, relaxation/visualisation, gardening, singing and connection. I had the privilege of working with varied residents and found a real calling & joy with the Mason wing, dementia residents.

Byron Bay Region: It’s been a pleasure to offer a weekly Mindfulness Meditation session with a local Aged care Facility. I look forward to seeing where any other need arises.

It’s such a privilege for us to be able to give back to the Community that supports us.

International Village: In addition, with my work internationally as a Life Coach, and my Online Yoga, Meditation & Relaxation site, I also look to support communities in Nepal, Japan and India.

In September 2017, I visited the Yoga mountain – Mount Kailash, in Tibet & Nepal with my Guru Nirmal, Australian and our Japanese friends. Spending time with locals in Kathmandu was a highlight for me.

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